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Posting Fifteen by Anonymous (4 February, 2006)

Note by BR: This posting was sent directly to myself and was not sent to Victor Martinez. The diagram below was downloaded, printed, and then scanned into a Word program supplied by Anonymous, all precisely as per detailed instructions.

The outlined circle did not appear in the original download; however, as the diagram was scanned, the circle appeared in the Word program. Because this created a 4 Mb document and the individual components could easily be accidentally clicked and dragged, I created a screenshot of it and produced a far smaller .gif ( http://www.serpo.org/Ebenobject_original.gif ). This is the top image, and is the original.

I increased the contrast a little to darken it for easier viewing, and the result is http://www.serpo.org/ Ebenobject_darkened.gif . This is on the bottom.

The name of the image - Ebenobject - was given by Anonymous.

There were no labels, description, or any other explanation for the diagram.