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Posting Sixteen by Anonymous (9 March, 2006)

[Note by BR: This posting was received by myself while at the Laughlin UFO Congress, Nevada. There are two parts:

1) A sample of the Eben written language (original on left; sample enlargement on right; click on either for a higher-resolution image);

2) A further instalment of the Team Commander's Log, posted verbatim as before. The final sentence is also verbatim, and apparently incomplete.]

It was difficult to speak science to the Ebens. How do we explain Einstein? How do they explain their Einstein? We had a difficult time relating our science to them. However, they seemed to understand our physics and chemistry quicker than we can. We managed to observe some strange things about their technology. First, we took apart one of the locators, they placed on our belts. It wasn't easy. There were no screws or bolts holding it together. We had to break the thing. The electronics inside was nothing we have ever observed. There were no transistors, tubes, rectifiers, coils or other electronic components like our technology. This thing had just wires and some bulges in the wires at certain points. There was two components, which none of use have ever seen. We could not use our frequency counter to determine the frequency it transmitted and received. It was out of our range. 633 and 661 used some other equipment to analyze the thing but couldn't understand it. We asked the Eben Scientist, who we called Ebe4. The problem was the translation Ebe 2 had to translate because Ebe 4 didn't speak English. A lost is lost in translation even though Ebe 2 does a pretty good job with English. We showed Ebe 4 one of our portable radios. The Motorola FM radio was pretty complex to us. It was new and contained four channels. 661 took apart the radio in front of Ebe 4, explained the parts and the different crystals we use for frequency. Ebe 4 couldn't understand it. He seemed as lost with our radio as we did with theirs. Ebe 2 told us that Ebe 4 couldn't understand the radio or how it worked. So that was our dilemma. How do we exchange science. Each of our civilizations must learn from the other. So, we decided to begin a school. Our first days were pretty tough. We started with simple things. which we thought would be similar to what they would know. We chose light. 661, who did some teaching before, started with wavelengths. 661 started with nonvisible light and the different angstroms. Then 661 showed them the spectrum of light. 661 showed them cosmic rays and how we measured them. Then he went to gamma rays, x-rays and ultraviolet light. 661 explained that light was what we called electromagnetic waves. Over a period of eben days, 661 explained everything he knew about light, frequencies and a description of the frequency bands. During this time, several other Ebens came in and listened. Ebe 2 was extremely tasked with translating this. Ebe 2 had a difficult time explaining everything 661 said because she didn't know the Eben words for everything. But she did an outstanding job of describing what 661 was saying. I don't think Ebe 4 got everything 661 said but it didn't take long for Ebe 4 to realize what 661 was describing. 661 then showed Ebe 4 a repair manual for one of our test equipment. Since everything, or almost everything we brought was military, it was a military manual. The manual contained schematics of the circuits. Ebe 4 was completely lost. But eventually figured out what 661 was showing him was the inside of the test equipment. 661 then started showing the basics of electricity. Ohms laws, different formulas to figure voltage and amperes. Ebe 4 was confused, to say the least. But one of the other Ebens. who had came in to listen, grasped the idea quickly. We called this Eben, Ebe 5 or the Einstein. This Eben was smart, exceptionally smart. After three years, we finally meet an Eben who can grasped our science. The only problem is he couldn't speak English. But he asked questions, which Ebe 4 didn't really do. Although it took several lessons to teach Ebe 5 what each letter meant in a formula, Ebe 5 finally realized what we were saying. This Eben must of have an IQ of 300. Ebe5 actually solved some simple problems set up by 661. Basic electricity, solving for the amount of resistance in a circuit, simple things like that. It was a remarkable scene. Ebe 5 became our ace student. We couldn't get rid of the guy. He followed us around and asked questions through Ebe 2. When Ebe 2 wasn't available, he would simple point and shrug his shoulders. We'd speak to him in English or have 420 or 475 translate to him. But only 420 could understand most of what Ebe 5 was saying. This come to another interesting point. Ebe 5 looked a little different than the rest of the Ebens. During the last several years, we have noticed some of the Ebens, especially the ones who live up north, look different. There heads seem to be bigger. They have a more weathered looking face. Ebe 5 is from the north. He lives in the second village to our north. The distance is approximately 5 kilometers. I drew the map in entry 4432, showing all the villages in the north. I'm sure they have more villages farther away but we haven't visited them yet. Ebe 5 also does not have a mate. This is strange but not totally uncommon. We have found several Ebens without mates. We haven't delved into the personal life of Ebe 5 but 518 wants to. I explained in one entry about the Eben technology when it comes to screws, bolts, etc. They don't have any. Everything they make is sealed with some sort of solder or melting method. When we visited their manufacturing plant, we were amazed at how efficient they were with manufacturing furniture, their helicopters or flying devices. We still haven't seen their main spacecraft manufacturing plant. It must be in the far west and south. I'm sure we will visit the place someday. We still have seven years, or at least seven earth years left. As I mentioned before, we have totally lost track of earth time. We gave that up many of our years ago. We have gauged our time on Eben time, which is extremely complex, as I mentioned before. We had a feast today. What a feast. We used our last C-Rations but the Ebens didn't really care for our food. We did kill a beast. As I mentioned before, the Ebens allowed us to kill the beasts for meat. The meat isn't really bad, 899 says it tastes like Bear, which I never ate. But Ebens look at us very strange when we eat meat. Strange, they can clone creatures and other species of humans but they can't eat meat. How strange they are. But they allow us to do just about anything we want and eating meat is something we need for the protein. We used the last of our salt and pepper, which does make eating their food more of a challenge. The Ebens don't have anything similar to salt and pepper. They do have an herb, as we, call it, something like Oregano which they use. It has a tart taste but we have developed a taste for it. The feast was great. We participated in the dances, which the Ebens really like. They get great pleasure dancing and playing their strange games. I described the games before but this feast, we saw something different. The game was played like chess but with Ebens standing on a large square area of the compound. The squares were divided into 24 sets. Each set had another 2 spots. Just how or why the Ebens moved was a mystery to us. One of the Ebens would say a word and then another Eben would move. It appeared that it was a team game. Six Ebens on each side. We couldn't figure it out but at the end,, the Ebens danced with each other, signifying a victory, we think. It was a fun day. My team played softball, with some hard nosed Ebens, who have learned the game. Well for the most part. They still haven't figured out they have to catch the ball before it hits the ground. But they had fun. We have found some extremely gifted athletics among the Ebens. Then again, we found some who had no athletic ability. Just like humans. Our softball game ended when the rains came. We ended up inside the community building. We finished our meals and separated to our living area. As we do each day,, we have our end of day briefing. We check each other for psychological condition and medical health. Our day ends and we start our eight hours of rest. Ebens have a different period of time, as I mentioned before. They rest about four hours, for every 10 hours working time. But we must consider their hour is longer and that their days are longer. So we stopped using our time and used the Eben time. It is difficult to understand but this is only a diary. Once I return to Earth, I can explain the time difference and how we had to use their time instead of ours. I keep writing about the time in every diary entry but it is important to note that even though we have been hear for about three years, Earth time, we have given up Earth time and utilized the Eben time. We tried to use their two suns as a counting system but that didn't work. We then tried to use our own watches but that didn't work. So we gave up our time pieces and just use the Eben's time tower. Each village has one and it is easy to understand the symbols. Each symbols means a certain time and certain work period. Ebe 2 came by after the feast. Ebe 2 was concerned with 754. As I mentioned in one past entry, 754 became sick. But he has recovered. We don't know what he suffered but 700 treated him with penicillin, which worked. We all have had some sort of sickness since we've been here except 899, that guy is a solid rock. He hasn't been sick, not even a cold. 706 and 754 are keeping details records of each team member and their medical and physical condition. We have tried to keep a steady physical fitness program since we arrived. Some time we follow it and sometime we don't. But everyone is in pretty good shape, at least physically. Mentally, that might be another story. Some team members miss Earth, as I do. But no team member has broke down or has needed some type of psychological help from 700 or 754. Our screening process was great. Keeping busy is our medicine. We keep extremely busy, exploring and doing our mission goals. At one of our team meeting recently, 203 and myself decided to give up the military greetings, saluting that each member did the first time they saw us. I decided we maintain our military bearing and manners but we will give up the saluting. Each team member agreed. I have no problem with that. The Ebens just starred at us when we did that. But they also have their greetings. Ebens exchange greetings depending on the time of day. They hug on certain times, touch fingers on other times and bow at other times. We still haven't figure out why they do that. Ebe 2 just explained it was a formal greeting method. Ebens live a very strict life. They keep a regimented life style. We have seen some variances but only by a few. The military keeps everyone in line. The military acts as a police force, as I mentioned before. They do not carry any weapons but they do have different uniforms and every Eben respects that uniform. The military are patrolling all the time. They walk in pairs and seem to be extremely friendly but can be very strict. We saw two Ebens walking across a field. Two military members quickly approached the two Ebens and pointed to a building. The two Ebens walked to that building with the military members. The military members were yelling something at them. At the time, neither 420 or 475 were available for translation but I figured those two Ebens violated some custom or law. We have been warned by the military when we approach something we are not suppose to approach. The military are very respectful when they deal with us but they don't allow us to violate any of their customs or laws without warning us. When we first killed one of the sand snakes, we had six military members at the scene in no time. It took a great deal of diplomacy to deal with that situation. But the military never touched us nor threatened us. The Ebens have adjusted to us just as we have adjusted to them. We carry on our mission and they allow us to do just about anything. The one forbidden act is not to enter a private living house. We did that once and was politely escorted out by the military. There seems to be more military than actually needed. They do have weapons, as I mentioned before. We rarely see any military member with those weapons. But we have seen them during the alert that occurred some time ago. Ebe 2 came into our living compound, just after one of our rest periods. Ebe 2 was excited and told us to stay inside and not to exit our living quarters. We asked why and Ebe 2 said that an unknown spacecraft had entered their planet's orbit. But Ebe 2 assured us that the military will take care of the problem. We naturally went into our own alert. We issued our weapons and stood by to guard our living area. We violated her instructions and went outside. We watched the skies and saw a lot of air traffic. We then saw all the military members with weapons and something that looked like field packs. They were in full fighting gear, as 899 called it. The alert didn't last very long and Ebe 2 came back, looked at us a little curious and then told us everything was alright and the alert was over. We asked her if the unknown spacecraft was identified. She said it wasn't a spacecraft but just a natural piece of space debris and left it at that. We didn't believe her but we had no way of knowing any difference. We returned to our normal routines