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Posting Seventeen by Anonymous (28 March, 2006)

[BR: This message was posted by Victor Martinez to his list on 28 March 2006. Comments in square brackets in the e-mail message below are by Victor Martinez.]

E-mail message
Date: Mon, Mar 27, 2006, 11:01 p.m. (PST+3)

Here is the explanation of the Alien Drawing or 'Eben Objects' as referred to on the www.serpo.org/ Web site posted by Bill [Ryan].
A great deal of planning went into the 10-year mission to SERPO [turned into 13 years].  Several teams of officials planned what equipment to take. These officials tried to imagine every conceivable situation where certain types of tools and other equipment might be needed.

One area was capturing the view and makeup of objects, artifacts and landscapes on Planet SERPO. The Mission Team took cameras, 16 different types of cameras and drawing/drafting equipment.

Although no Team Member was trained in drafting, three Team Members had drawing experience from their college days.  Several different types of drafting templates were taken on the trip.  The planning officials tried to envision every type of situation where a template might be needed. 
The drawing ['Eben Object'], made by the Team Commander, depicts the base of the sundial [used globally by the Ebens on SERPO].  Each object meant a certain time of day to the Ebens.  When the sun was directed -- through the sundial -- onto the object at the base of the sundial, that meant a specific task [or change of] to the Ebens.

For example, it might signal a change in work schedules, a time to rest, a time to eat, a time to celebrate, etc.  After a few years, the Team learned each symbol and learned the meaning of each symbol.

This drawing is a copy of the actual drawing made by the Team Commander in 1967.  The Team also took many photographs of the sundial symbols.

I know our detractors and skeptics will still harbor doubts about our message and incredible mission, but this will have to suffice for now short of the actual photographs which the debunkers would still find problems with.

Glad to be in touch with you and I'll be in contact again soon.