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Posting Eighteen by Anonymous (3 April, 2006)

[BR: This message was posted by Victor Martinez to his list on 3 April 2006. Comments in square brackets below are by Victor Martinez.]

The following information pertains to the equipment our Team took to Planet SERPO. All of the military equipment was real,... at least back then.
LIST OF SUPPLIES TAKEN BY "Project CRYSTAL KNIGHT" Team Members [which was later renamed "Project SERPO" once the seven (7) Team Members
returned in 1978 and the report was finalized in 1980]:

1) MUSIC – The Team Members took the following types of music:

Elvis Presley
Buddy Holly
Ricky Nelson
The Kingston Trio
Brenda Lee
The Beach Boys
Bob Dylan
Peter Paul & Mary
The Beatles
Loretta Lynn
Simon & Garfunkel
The Hollies
Chubby Checker
Bing Crosby
Dinah Shore
Vera Lynn
Tommy Dorsey
Ted Lewis
Ethel Merman
Everly Brothers
Lesley Gore
Marline Dietrich
The Patters
Doris Day
Connie Francis
Shirelles Lyrics
Frank Sinatra
Dean Martin
Perry Como
Guy Lombardo
Glenn Miller
Rosemary Clooney
Al Jolson;

Christmas Music
U.S. Patriotic Music;

Classical Music:

Indian Chanting Music
Tibetan Chants
African Chants [these last three (3) for the intended benefit of the Eben hosts].

2) CLOTHING – The Team Members took the following clothing:

24 pairs of specialized flight suits
112 pairs of underwear (pants/shirts)
220 pairs of socks
18 hats including jungle style and regular ball caps
50 different types of footwear
military clothing, load bearing belts and harnesses
military backpacks
30 pairs of civilian casual pants
sleeveless shirts
15 pairs of athletic shoes
100 pairs of athletic socks
eight (8) athletic supports
24 pairs of thermal underwear
24 pairs of thermal socks
six (6) pairs of cold weather boots
military-style hot weather clothing
60 pairs of gloves military work-style
10 containers of military-style sanitary gloves
six (6) pairs of cold weather gloves
10 laundry bags
disposal surgical gloves
military-style warm weather jackets
military-style cold weather jackets
civilian-style warm and cold weather jackets
10 pairs of warm weather sandals
24 military safety helmets
24 military-style flight helmets
1,000 yards of fabric for the repair and making of clothes.

3) MEDICAL EQUIPMENT – The Team Members took the following medical equipment:

Portable X-ray machine
100 pre-packed medical kits for advance trauma care (military-style battle field medical kits)
examination scopes for the stomach bladder and rectum
eye examination equipment
120 pre-packed surgical kits (military style)
120 pre-packed military field medicine kits (containing various medicines)
30 military-style field medical sanitation kits
75 water testing kits (military style)
50 water testing kits (civilian)
75 FAST kits
1,200 food testing kits (military style)
500 pieces of miscellaneous surgical tools
5,000 packages of insect repellant (military style)
250 medical intravenous kits/with fluids
16 pre-packed medical testing kits (military style)
50 pre-packed medical testing kits (civilian)
five (5) military Medical Portable Hospital Tents with base
two (2) Military Medical Portable Deployment Kits
18 Military Medical Blood testing kits
three (3) portable military chemistry testing stations
two (2) Advanced Biological Testing Kits (civilian version)
15 Military Radiation Treatment Kits
1,000 pounds of miscellaneous medical equipment.

4) TESTING EQUIPMENT – The Team Members took the following testing equipment:

100 pieces of geological testing items
2 military soil testing stations
two (2) chemistry testing stations (civilian)
six (6) radiation testing meters
two (2) military radiation testing stations
two (2) biological testing stations (civilian)
two (2) 100cc tractors
four (4) 100cc digging tool tractors
10 pre-packed military Soil Testing Kits
16 astronomical telescopes
two (2) Military Star Stations
four (4) military power generators (1-10,000 watts)
four (4) civilian power generators
experimental solar collecting equipment (military)
50 portable two-way radios with FM frequencies
six (6) military combat radio platform kits
50 pre-packed military radio repair kits
1,000 different frequency tubes
30 pre-packed military electrical testing and repair kits
three (3) solar testing stations (military)
one (1) experimental solar testing station
10 solar collection panels with collector containers
10 air sample collection kits (military)
five (5) air sample collection kits (civilian)
six (6) diamond drills
10 military special access kits
1,000 pounds of C-4 explosives with 500 blasting caps
detonating cord
time fuse
Military shape charges
one (1) Nuclear Detonating Kit.

5) MISCELLANEOUS EQUIPMENT and ITEMS – The Team Members took the following miscellaneous equipment/items:

100 military blankets
100 military sheets
24 pre-packed military combat deployment kits
80 pre-packed military combat tent kits
four (4) military mobile kitchen deployable kits
six (6) military survival stations –warm weather
six (6) military survival stations –cold weather
2 military weather stations – combat style
50 military weather balloons
24 military handguns
24 military rifles (M-16s)
six (6) M-66 weapons
two (2) M-40 grenade launchers
two (2) military 60mm motor tube (30 rounds)
100 military air burst flares
5,000 rounds of .223 ammunition [M-16 assault rifles]
500 rounds of .45 ammunition
60 M-40 rounds
15 Freon dispersal containers
15 compressed air dispersal containers
20 tanks of oxygen gas
20 tanks of nitrogen gas
20 tanks of miscellaneous gases for cutting equipment and testing
75 military-style sleeping bags
60 military-style pillows
55 military-style sleeping platforms
six (6) pre-packed military deployment combat field living platforms
250 different style padlocks
6,000 feet of different types of rope
24 repelling kits
10 seismic deep hole drills
1,000 gallons of fuel
four (4) military-style phonographs
10 Military cassette players
10 reel-to-reel tape players
60 belts
10 military sound collection equipment kits
25 military Intelligence Collection Kits
1,000 other miscellaneous items.

6) VEHICLES – The Team Members took the following vehicles:

10 military-style combat motorcycles
three (3) military M-151 Jeeps
three (3) military trailers
10 Military repair kits for jeeps
10 Military repair kits for the motorcycles
one (1) Military lawn mower
1,500 gallons of fuel for all of the above items.

7) FOOD – The Team Members took the following food items:

25 pre-packed containers
100 pre-packed containers of freeze-dried food items
100 cases of various canned food items
seven (7) years worth of vitamins
100 containers of energy bars/snack items
1,000 gallons of water
150 military survival food kits
16 boxes of various alcoholic wines
150 cases of drinking fluids
chewing gum, lifesaver candy and various other miscellaneous food items.

8) MISCELLANEOUS ITEMS – The Team Members took 2,000 pounds of various other items.

More to come....