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[Note: This message was originally streamed by Victor Martinez on 18 Dec 2006.
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"Project SERPO" Special Announcement:
What on Earth has happened?!


... DON'T speed read through it!   You'll miss IMPORTANT information!  

BREAKING NEWS FLASH: Bill Ryan's SERPO.org Web site successfully hacked
on Sunday, 12-17-06 by a COMMON, PETTY, LOW-LIFE COMPUTER CRIMINAL!   
Part 1 of 6:    


I have an absolutely SPLITTING HEADACHE as I write this to all of you
right now before I head off for work ... work has NEVER looked so GOOD
to me!  

I write the following in the interest of transparency and so no one can
accuse me/Bill Ryan of "covering up things" because that's NOT how we
operate nor what we're about ... never have been. I find myself in a
very awkward, UNcomfortable situation today. I thought I was going to be
bringing, presenting and streaming INLINE PHOTOGRAPHS taken on an alien
homeworld -- Planet SERPO -- in the Zeta Reticuli I and II star system.

Well, perhaps at some future date they will be, but definitely NOT
today! Bill will be issuing a public statement as well shortly after you
read mine.   
Part 2 of 6:


° Saturday, Dec 9, 2006: ~9.a.m., I'm talking to OM Global Moderator
CHRIS IVERSEN about a host of things and he asks me if I've
received/heard anything from ANONYMOUS.  I answer "no," and he wishes me
a happy birthday and an enjoyable lunch with former student, Jackie N
[Class of '98] at The Cheesecake Factory in Huntington Beach. 

Late Saturday afternoon, I go to my P O Box and there's a CD waiting for
me in a nondescript package.  I knew instantly what it was and I went
directly to Kinko's to view it.  Since I don't even know how to insert a
disk into a computer, I immediately "hire" one of the employees to open
it for me and execute any and all functions I want/need; I offer him
$20/hour above his hourly wage.    

Each image/file was 13.946 megabytes in size and could never have been
received by me at WebTV which has an incoming capacity of 10 megabytes

I had him make two (2) sets of color prints for me and then quickly
left; I informed him and other curious employees that what he/they had
viewed were pictures from a future sci-fi movie produced by SKG
[Spielberg Katzenberg Geffen] in Hollywood. 

° Monday, Dec 11, 2006: I overnight the disk to a retired signals
intelligence/data/photo/digital analyst for the National Security Agency
[retired in Linthicum, MD] along w/ a slew of music CDs which I had
specifically purchased for this project which would no. ~100 photos; my
bill for all of these CDs came to $1,763.42 according to my Citibank
"Gold" statement. (At least I LOVE the music I purchased!)    

This SERPO PHOTO RELEASE had been in the works since September 2006.  

° Thursday, Dec 14: I meet with my co-moderator, colleague and great
friend, Bill Ryan and his girlfriend for lunch at Maggiano's Little
Italy in Woodland Hills, CA from 11:12 a.m. - 1:24 p.m.    

I inform Bill what I have received, what I've done with the disk and
what I plan on doing the following week [this week] with the five (5)
images sent to me at the direction of ANONYMOUS.  

I only have "The Suns Set" photo on hand to share w/ Bill and Kerry at
the time. Bill provides me something called the FTP for the SERPO.org
Web site, so I inform him that I'll have my NSA contact friend download
the images directly into his Web site. 

° Thursday, Dec. 14: My NSA contact friend phones me around 6 p.m. to
[regrettably] inform me of a huge slew of problems w/ what ANONYMOUS'
"Gatekeeper" has sent me.  I'm floored, EXTREMELY DISAPPOINTED and
dejected by what he has to say; four (4) hours later we're finally off
the phone. 

NOTE: My NSA friend's biting, stinging, but professionally written
critical analysis of the photos is Part 5 of 6. 

° Thursday, Dec. 14: At ~11 p.m., I fire off an URGENT e-mail to
ANONYMOUS detailing just SOME of the problems/issues my NSA contact has
laid out to me. I ask/beg him for an explanation.  

UNlike the 2-3 e-mails/day I was receiving from him, I HAVE NOT HEARD A
WORD FROM HIM SINCE including up until today, Monday, December 18, 2006
at 6 a.m. 

° Friday, Dec 15: I mail a dup copy of the CD w/ the original
UNcompressed images to Bill at 10:24 a.m.; I have NO copy(ies) for

° Friday, Dec 15: At ~ 8 p.m., all of the images [compressed] have
been successfully downloaded into Bill's SERPO.org Web site by my NSA

° Sunday, Dec 17: Right after Sunday brunch, Bill shocks me w/ a
cell-to-cell call placed at 1:30 p.m. informing me that his SERPO.org
Web site has been successfully HACKED into and that two (2) of the
photos have been posted on a DEbunking Web site! 

They're "outed" as FAKES -- something Bill, my NSA contact and myself
already had concluded -- and we were NOT going to present them as being
authentic/genuine ... ever.   

In a weird sort of way, this CRIMINAL ACT actually assisted us! It's
important to note that the images obtained by the COMPUTER CRIMINAL
(probably from the UK) were NOT the original ones that were received by
me from "The Gatekeeper"; they were compressed JPG files and we knew
instantly that the source for these photos was Bill's Web
site because of another built-in security feature: 

The images on the ORIGINAL CD mailed to me have completely different
file names; the ones downloaded from Bill's Web site were REnumbered by
my NSA contact to coincide with the stream sequence. THAT's how we KNOW
they were ILlegally obtained via Bill's Web site.
NOTE: Disgusted?  You should be OUTraged!  Serious, PROFESSIONAL
researchers do NOT research and obtain their information by hacking into
others' computer systems/breaking into their homes/tapping their phone
lines/having "tails" placed on them [as two well-known researchers
recently had done to them in NM]. 

FOOD FOR THOUGHT: Try and imagine pro researchers like Stan Friedman,
Nick Redfern, Timothy Good, Dr Bruce Maccabee, Dr James Deardorff, Bob
and Ryan Wood, Paola Harris, Jim Marrs, Bob Collins, etc., engaging in

I'll not provide the nom de guerre this low-life individual uses ... no
reason to give this INFORMATION MINING MAGGOT the attention he so
desperately craves. 

We finalize plans on the time of the stream and Bill advises me that
after having viewed the images for himself (remember, he hadn't viewed
them yet at lunch on Thursday), he chooses to reverse his position and
WITHHOLD from public view/mask from public view ALL five (5) of the
images pending a further clarification from ANONYMOUS.  

NOTE: Only "The Suns Set" is being made available at this time as "94 of

I tell him that I fully support his decision ... whatever he chooses to
do at this point; I trust, support and reaffirm his sound judgment.      

NOTE: This explains WHY there is such a gap between "100 of 100" which
is then followed by "95 of 100" [public domain] and finally "94 of 100."  


Bill and myself do NOT know what's REALLY occurred here ... theories
abound, our collective imaginations run wild and our cerebral cortexes
are atwitter!   

a) Since this is NOT the original ANONYMOUS, this might very well be an
orchestrated DISinformation campaign to DESTROY the original ANONYMOUS
postings that I released form 11-2-05 - 12-21-05. In other words, a
concerted effort is being made to trash the "Project SERPO" story and
keep the public at large from even considering that such an exchange
program ever took place.  

b) Crack online investigative journalist GARY S BEKKUM of 


has suggested that as in the past [MJ-12 papers], pieces of actual above
top secret information ["Project SERPO" Posting #19 reaffirmed at:


has been passed/is being passed through a series of BOGUS UFO

c) This could be a test to see how gullible the public is/could be/wants
to believe that images which are NOT genuine are presented as such. 

d) What you've seen today from "94 of 100" and the other four (4) images
masked from public view may be authentic representations of what the 11
Team Members viewed on SERPO [UNlikely], but they're NOT genuine. 

In fact, they ALL have EARTHLY origins as the crack investigative team
at The Open Minds Forum have informed Bill and me.  

Confused? While both GENUINE and AUTHENTIC mean "a lack of falsehood or
misrepresentation," GENUINE applies to a "real" person or thing and the

AUTHENTIC suggests a fidelity to the truth or a lack of falsehood
demonstrated by a certification process.

EXAMPLE:  "My wife and I recently purchased a GENUINE Picasso painting."
= an ORIGINAL copy, NOT a duplicate. 

EXAMPLE:  "My wife and I recently purchased an AUTHENTIC copy of the
famous 'Mona Lisa' painting." = an EXACT DUPLICATE of the original, but
NOT the original itself. 

Source: "RIGHT, WRONG & RISKY: A Dictionary of Today's American English
Usage" - USC Professor Mark Davidson, June © 2006, ISBN# 0393061191,
$29.95, p. 97. 

If ANONYMOUS could not obtain the ORIGINAL source material from Bolling
AFB [where all of the "Project SERPO" files/materials/photo album books
are stored], to make AUTHENTIC copies from the GENUINE originals, then
he should have stated as such so it could be clear to me and everyone

Instead, Bill and myself are put in the awkward situation of WITHholding
information from you -- the UFO community at large -- something he/we
don't like doing at all.   

e) "Team of 5" member Dr CHRISTOPHER M "Kit" GREEN    


wrote me and Dr Hal Puthoff a private e-mail on Thurs, Nov 10, 2005 @
5:03 p.m. (PST+3) which stated in part: 



I respect and fully support what you are doing.  I do NOT know what in
the world is going on [referencing the SERPO releases], but Hal and
myself both believe it is VERY important and VERY COMPLEX.

It is my absolute guarantee to you...."

[4 paragraphs deleted ... PRIVATE communication.]  

Dr Green's PRESCIENT and insightful commentary -- issued over a year ago
-- are still absolutely 100% as TRUE today as they were when he wrote
them more than a year ago! What he doesn't know -- or perhaps he does --
is how UNbelievably COMPLEX this "Project SERPO" story REALLY IS!  Bill
and myself are just simply AMAZED. 

"The more things CHANGE, the more they remain the SAME."    

I make particular note of this because certain nitwits, hangers-on,
ne'er-do-well online FREAKS from various forums have simply, publicly
and FALSELY stated: "Oh, Rick Doty wrote all of this from a dusty old
science fiction novel he started 20+ years ago and Victor's editing it
for him!"  


"Victor had some of his former physics students write all of this after
school for extra credit at a Taco Bell!"  [SKEPTIC Magazine has put this
out privately as conveyed to me at a Cal Tech lecture with Harvard Univ
professor Dr Susan A Clancy as the keynote speaker, November 2005.]  

IDIOTS! What they don't know is what they don't know ... meaning that if
the general public knows 250 facts about the SERPO puzzle, and then
these forum freaks know 500 parts of the puzzle, what they DON'T KNOW is
that there are 500 OTHER parts that they're UNaware of that both Bill
and myself DO KNOW!  

This is what I mean by: "They don't know what they don't know." 

REALITY CHECK:  Does this necessarily mean that "Project SERPO" never
occurred?  NO, not at all!  In fact -- from my point of view -- it
almost reaffirms that it DID take place as so MANY individuals are
crawling out from under every rock to try and DIScredit it ... but WHY?
WHY aren't they focusing in on The Hollow Earth Theory, Rendelsham
Forest, The Kecksberg Incident, Betty & Barney Hill, etc.?     

WHY "Project SERPO?!"
By being so obsessed with this project and thinking about it 24/7 ,
they're in effect suggsting that ALL of you are too @#$%ing STUPID to
make your own decisions and they need to lead you by the hand to the

The heck with them ... you evaluate the EVIDENCE as it's presented to
you and then make up your own mind ... don't let the SERPO-obsessed,
bathrobe-clad, forum freak do-nothings decide for you!  

On November 1, 2005, I received a startling e-mail from you entitled,
"Bombshell" if you'll recall.  That one e-mail, followed by hundreds
after that -- [many of which still remain UNpublished totaling 3,200+
words and have been safely secured from hackers in my safety deposit
box] which I compressed into very lengthy streams -- started a worldwide
phenonmenon for the global UFO community of something they'd not
considered before:

That the U S government had sent 12 military astronauts from our world
to another for a period of 13 years. 


With the generous, kind and technical assistance from my co-moderator
Bill Ryan -- and with my highly influential UFO Thread List -- we
successfully got your message and story to the global UFO community and
just regular folk in general.  Even to this day, magazines are still
carrying the "Project SERPO" story, the DEbunkers be damned!  Please see
the Jan/Feb issue of ATLANTIS RISING Magazine, pp. 29 31 63 and 64. 

In your e-mail dated 12-14-06 entitled "Problems," you articulated to me
that "too many individuals are trying to uncover my identity" and then
you asked me to delete all of your e-mails which I promptly did EXCEPT
for the first one of 11-1-05. 

I can understand your bowing out and letting another ANONYMOUS take over
... why put up with all of those nosy people amazingly more interested
in WHO YOU were than the data/information itself?!  I'd likely do the
same thing!  

I greatly ADMIRE and RESPECT the years of dedicated service as a public
servant you have given to our country and the great contributions you
made while being the editor for "The Red Book," presented to the sitting
president of the United States every five (5) years on the summary of
alien contacts the U.S. and other countries have had with visiting alien
life forms to our planet. 

Likewise, I was thrilled and very pleased to learn from a Cabinet-level
officer whom you're colleages with and I'm a friend of how happy you
were when you received my 25-lb 'care package' I sent you for Xmas 2005. 

I hope you'll always think of me when viewing the beautiful book I
enclosed, UNIVERSE: THE DEFINITIVE VISUAL GUIDE and note where I placed
your bookmarker ... p. 404 where our "special friends" come from. 

I KNOW that you come out to CA for the XXXXX XXXXX XXXXX in the City of
XXXXX, and Bill Ryan and I extend an open-ended invitation for you to
contact either one of us should you ever want to REsume the disclosure
efforts that YOU, your DIA colleagues and Bill and myself were so
immensely successful in disseminating to a worldwide audience.   

In that package, I provided you all of my contact information --
nothing's changed -- including photos of me receiving awards in the
field of education, my resume, etc.

AGAIN: On behalf of Bill Ryan and myself, we wish you well and will
respect whatever decision you make with regards to future UFO/SERPO

Though I may not be on the best of terms w/ him now, I will NOT
reproduce ANY of the e-mails received from him starting in September
2006 to the present. [In fact, they've ALL been ERASED.]  However, the
following is from three (3) e-mails strung together w/ only the most
pertinent information given.  


- The photographs were developed and transferred from 35 mm to digital
format by XXXXX XXXXX, The Gatekeeper.

- 102 military personnel entered training for the "Project Crystal
Knight Mission."

- 16 finalists were selected. 12 primary and 4 alternates. We have no
survivors from the original primary team and two (2) survivors from the

- FUTURE RELEASES will include:
photographs of the entire crew on Serpo, 66 photographs of Serpo,
including Eben villages, Ebens and their children. 

- The next release contains Eben music.
Wait until you hear Eben music. We have hours of their music on tape.

- We will also release [journal] logs, and other items as our plan

- With the exception of the two (2) crew members who remained, all
bodies were returned. Ebens are our friends ... I truly miss them. 
5 of 6:  

And now what follows is a VERBATIM, AUTHENTIC (!) reproduction from the
original [GENUINE!] e-mail my NSA contact wrote for me regarding "The
Suns Set" photo and ALL of the photos on the SERPO.org Web site Bill
Ryan has posted: 


PHOTOS, 17 Dec 2006

RE: Conversion of Six Images to .JPG Format


Six images in digital format were provided for reprocessing. The
conclusion by the tasked analyst is these six images require more
investigation, analysis and verification, and lack credibility in many
technical respects. They are far below NASA/JPL 1960s standards in terms
of quality. This mixture of six images, taken as a group, is
inadequately explained.

There is low confidence that these six images are related to a real
Serpo disclosure.

Details of image processing:

The original six images were supplied in .BMP format under the file




The files as received were not encrypted. The original image file names
were changed during creation of the .JPG files, to fit an expanded
numbering plan for internal reference purposes, in case several sets of
images with the same names were received over time. Markings indicated
that the original images from this set were in "Volume 12, Section 24."

[Bolling Air Force Base, "Project SERPO" case files.]   

All images (including any excess white area) were 1700 x 2800 pixels and
approx. 14.3 Megabytes each in size. For display and retrieval purposes
on the Internet, the images were resampled to a width of 800 pixels with
a proportional height, ranging from 427 to 935 pixels. A 2% reduction of
red was applied to color-compensate for conversion to non-progressive
.JPG format at 15% compression.

Except for cropping to eliminate excessive white space, the pictures
were deliberately not improved using software filters and standard
techniques. The original source image for #97 was upside down. It has
been rotated 180 degrees. The original six .BMP images have not been
subjected to detailed steganographic analysis.

There is evidence of moiré patterns in these images, particularly #94a
and #94b. Typically, this is an artifact of scanning a color halftone
picture. These patterns or interference lines are much more pronounced
in the original .BMP files than in the smaller .JPG versions.

Such moiré patterns are inconsistent with direct scanning of 35 mm
photographic film or continuous-tone prints to digital format.

In contrast, the moiré patterns (and tell-tale irregular black borders
around images #98 and #99) are consistent with pictures roughly cut out
and scanned from books, magazines and other printed sources.  

6 of 6:  


99 of 100: "The Mask" - Ceremonial mask used by Ebens during rituals  

PLAYED TO: "The Outer Limits" - The Marketts, Rock Instrumental
Classics, Vol #2: The 1960s CD [later reissued as "Out of Limits"],
12-7-63/ / #3 / 14    
98 of 100: "The Creature" - Circa 1971 nonviolent Serpian animal

PLAYED TO: The theme from "The Twilight Zone" - Rod Serling narrates,
Favorite TV Theme Songs CD
97 of 100: UNtitled Eben landscape taken at high noon on SERPO

PLAYED TO: "Keep Searchin'" (We'll Follow The Sun) - Del Shannon's 20
Greatest Hits CD, 11-21-64 / #9 / 14
96 of 100: SERPO's "Plain of Jars" - '68 central SERPO, major desert 

PLAYED TO: "A Different Story" - Peter Schilling, A Different Story
(World of Lust and Crime) CD, 3-25-89 / #61 / 10

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