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RELEASE 26 -  A VIOLENT '85 Contact With ETs in Russia!
In order to make this report more readable for your huge lists, here is
the intelligence lexicon that will make the following, still highly
classified, CIA report more understandable.
CAC: Controlled Agency Contact
CIA: Central Intelligence Agency
CO: CIA Case Officer
CRAFT: alien spacecraft
FAC: Foreign Agency Contact
HQ: Headquarters
KGB: Komitet Gosudarstvennoy Bezopasnosti (Committee for State Security)
NOC: Non-Official Cover (NO diplomatic immunity extended)
NSA: National Security Agency
OCCUPANTS: alien beings
PG: Polygraph
RA-049: Moscow CIA Station
CAC-049-0031: Reporting station for Controlled Agency Contact [49]
followed by his number [31]
SC: Station Chief
SEVEN PRINCE: Codeword for intelligence collection within a foreign
SEVEN PRINCE COBRA: Codeword for foreign intelligence collection within
the old Soviet Union
My group and I have given you a very wide latitude in appending any
additional information you feel that is relevant as you did with
"Project SERPO" postings 23, 24 and 25; we were all very pleased. Please
use your continued sound judgment and provide any additional
supplementary material at the end that you feel would benefit and enrich
this target audience.
Many of your sharp readers will note that there some glaring
discrepancies in this report and will be surprised at its brevity and
often times broken syntax. It is IMPORTANT for everyone to READ MY NOTES
CONCERNING THIS REPORT which I'll ask you to place immediately after the
"Report of Contact."
More to come....
As is my custom, I have corrected the original report for missing
articles, punctuation (either missing or UNnecessary), faulty
parallelism/shifts in verb tense and hyphens inserted into compound
modifiers, e.g., tight-fitting outfit, pear-shaped head, etc.
The sole intent is to make this stunning report more readable and flow
better ... that's it.
However, the ORIGINAL 2-page CIA report has been included as an INLINE
IMAGE and will appear on the SERPO.org Web site as thumbnails that one
can click on for a larger image as was done in POSTING #23 at:
For those who have followed the most recent "Project SERPO" postings,
the following UFO-ET incident in the former Soviet Union will remind one
of the infamous "Gate 3 Incident."
In this manner, researchers can examine and scrutinize the document
itself to see if they believe it to be an authentic representation of
the genuine artifact.
- BEGIN "Project SERPO" POSTING #26 -
SOURCE: CAC-049-0031
DATE: 12 JAN 85
CAC reported a confrontation with an alleged space alien by Soviet
military personnel at Ceremchovo. CAC was taken to the site after a
"UFO" landed northwest of Ceremchova ICBM site 62 (Saskylach-Kovo).
Soviet military personnel confronted the craft and its occupants. A
confrontation developed and Soviet military personnel shot one of the
After the shooting incident, several other occupants of the craft
retrieved the injured occupant and returned to their craft. A beam of
light exited the craft and struck a Soviet military M40 jeep, COMPLETELY
VAPORIZING THE VEHICLE. No Soviet military personnel were in the jeep
during the attack.
Soviet military personnel fired several rounds of 12.7mm at the craft.
One of the rounds struck the undercarriage of the craft. The craft
glowed a bluish-green color. The craft's occupants, numbering four,
exited the craft and were taken into custody by Soviet military
personnel. The occupants were transported to the Saskylach-Kovo Military
Barracks and detained.
CAC was given access to the occupants. CAC advised the occupants were
dressed in a gray-colored, tight-fitting suit. All occupants appeared to
look the same. They were described as:
height: 1 meter tall, weight: 25kg, no hair, four fingers and no thumbs,
narrow feet with no big toe. The eyes were oversized compared to the
size of their head. The head was pear-shaped. No ears were observed. The
mouth consisted of just a small slit. A small nose was observed, but no
nostrils were observed.
The occupants were interrogated, but would or could not understand
Russian. Several other languages were attempted including English,
French, German and Spanish. The craft's occupants would not respond. 24
hours after the occupants were detained inside a Soviet jail, THEY
DISAPPEARED. The craft, which was secured by Soviet military personnel,
On 22 Jan 85, CAC made contact through agent-communication-device-AN23,
signaling the CO that a contact was requested. On 23 Jan 85, the SC
approved a plan to conduct a closed interview of CAC at site 4-SO-P-6.
The CO, with the assistance of CO2, CO3, CO4, CO5 and NOCS-223 and
NOCS-101, made contact with CAC. The counter-surveillance report is
Contact was made at site 6. A polygraph (SC requested a routine PG) was
administered. NO deception was noted. The entire interview was recorded
both on audio and video by CO3. The language used during the interview
was in Russian. CAC advised of the following:
On 12 Jan 85, while working normal duties at Regional II, Soviet Control
Center Command, CAC was informed of an incident at the Ceremchovo ICBM
facility involving a UFO. Specific information was requested by Command
Central. CAC read the initial cable from the on-scene Soviet commander.
The initial cable reported that a UFO had landed northwest of missile
site K3. Soviet military personnel responded to the scene. A
dark-colored UFO was found on the ground east of the missile command
facility. One missile technician was standing near the east boundary,
looking at the UFO. As Soviet military personnel came within close
proximity of the UFO, two (2) occupants of the craft exited through a
door. The occupants approached the east perimeter fence of K3.
Soviet military personnel challenged the occupants to stop. Three (3) of
the four (4) occupants stopped.  The fourth occupant continued to
advance towards the fence. One Soviet Military Security official fired
several rounds from an AK-47a rifle, hitting the occupant. The occupant
fell to the ground.
The three (3) other occupants advanced towards the injured occupant and
retrieved the body. The four (4) returned to the craft. Approximately 2
minutes later, an opening appeared on the side of the craft. A
BLUISH-GREEN BEAM OF LIGHT came out of the craft and struck an
unoccupied jeep, COMPLETELY VAPORIZING IT. As the author of the report
being read by CAC stated, the JEEP JUST DISAPPEARED.
An armored vehicle moved up towards the craft and fired a volley of
12.7mm rounds at the craft. The craft was struck near the undercarriage.
The four (4) occupants, minus the injured occupant, exited the craft and
walked towards the Soviet military personnel. As one of the on-scene
commanders stated, the four (4) occupants did NOT appear to be afraid.
They approached the armored vehicle and sat on the ground. Soviet
commanders on scene assumed the occupants were surrendering.
Several attempts were made to communicate with these occupants using the
Russian language. The occupants did not seem to understand the speaker.
The occupants were carried to a jeep and transported to the
Saskylach-Kovo Military Barracks, Building Number 45. (Note: CAC-049-63
had reported Building Number 45 was KGB headquarters for Region II,
command center. This information was verified by NSA source Echo-3.)
The occupants were placed inside detention cells, one (1) occupant per
cell. CAC arrived at Saskylach-Kovo  Military Barracks, Building Number
45 on 13 Jan 85. CAC was allowed to enter each cell and attempt to
communicate with the occupants. CAC used English, French and German
languages. The occupants would appear to listen while CAC was speaking,
but would not answer. The occupants appeared to be very passive.
Two (2) other KGB officials, one speaking Spanish and the other speaking
English, attempted to communicate, but to no avail. The Soviet Military
Command Center commander advised that Moscow was requesting the
occupants be flown to Military Barracks 10 (intelligence historical
records indicate Barracks 10 was located in Obninsk, south of Moscow).
On 14 Jan 85, at approximately 0630 hours, the CELLS where the OCCUPANTS
were located were EMPTY. NO signs of a forcible exit was observed. The
CRAFT, which was being guarded by the elite Soviet Border Patrol Branch
G, ALSO DISAPPEARED. CAC reported Soviet KGB officials took over 100
PHOTOGRAPHS and one (1) video recording of the occupants. CAC provided
25 copies of the photographs to this [CIA] CO.
ANALYSIS - SOURCE: CAC is well known to HQ. He has reported RELIABLE
information for the past 22 years. CAC is the best deep access agent
available to our operating location. The information provided by CAC is
somewhat UNBELIEVABLE based on the SUBJECT MATTER.
However, this CO feels the information warrants further study. CO feels
additional assets should be directed towards the target area to confirm
CAC's information. Examination of the photographs revealed the occupants
DID NOT APPEAR TO BE HUMANS. We will allow HQ analysts to make a more
accurate interpretation of these photographs.
After conferring with the SC, the CO will plan a course of action to
determine the reliability of CAC and the credibility of the information
provided by CAC. Sierra report will accompany this report.
[BLACKED OUT information.]
- END "Project SERPO POSTING #26 -
You may present these background notes I have provided you in whatever
order and presentation you wish. [I'm going to use what is known in
expository writing as "transitional writing/style" with block
1) The initial "Report of Contact" is made from the field station chief
directly to CIA headquarters in Langley, VA.
2) What I've provided you is only a "Report of Contact" which we refer
to as "raw intelligence" or you would term a "rough draft" as an English
teacher. This "Report of Contact" is the first thing "out of the gate"
and basically serves more as a summary of events which is compiled while
people's memories are still fresh; this is why it's so short.
3) The actual, FINAL report is called a SIERRA REPORT and is an
extremely detailed presentation of ALL the intel collection activity on
a particular event with all COs [CIA Case Officers] as well as NOCs
submitting their own reports. Additionally, the Sierra Report will
contain any known/taken PHOTOGRAPHS, RECORDINGS (and an abstract of
what's on the recordings and a brief summary of what the photos
purportedly show), POLYGRAPH [lie detector] test results and, of course,
all of the individual field reports.
All of this is then given to one or two CIA analysts who then -- much
like you would either as an editor or a teacher -- assemble all of this
data and place it in the proper format and style for acceptable
presentation. After this, the CIA SC signs off on the Sierra Report.
This information is then routed via diplomatic pouch to CIA management
at Langley and then distributed to the "need-to-know" management
personnel and routed appropriately from there.
In the case of this Soviet ETE-human contact incident, if I recall, the
Sierra Report was somewhere in the 66-70 page range for this event
4) When our CAC first made us aware of this incident -- even before the
"Report of Contact" was finalized -- the SC sent a teletype from the
Moscow station to CIA HQ.
TELETYPE messages are broken down into four (4) categories:
a) FLASH Message: urgent, T/S [top secret] codeword given/required;
b) IMMEDIATE Message: classified at least at the "secret" level; must be
sent out within 24 hours;
c) PRIORITY Message: "confidential" or "secret" message; this is a
backup and/or provides additional information to an "immediate" message;
d) ROUTINE Message: normal traffic; cannot contain any intelligence
info; must be NON-classified material; often times it is publicly
accessible information such as newspaper stories, magazine articles and
other published media reports.
Of particular note, it is the NOCs [non-official cover personnel] who
are the James Bond, cloak-and-dagger types whom you see portrayed in the
movies, TV and popular literature, NOT our CIA's COs [case officers].
This information should provide your large readership the proper context
and framework this 2-page report was presented in.
More to come....

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1) The use of an energy-directed beam in vaporizing the Soviet jeep
vehicle is very reminiscent of the security guard being similarly
vaporized by the CBE-1 [Cloned Biological Entity-1 aka an "Archquloid"]
as told in the "Gate 3 Incident" now memorialized in "Project SERPO"
POSTING #23 at:
NOTE: I am withholding information on the CBE-1's use of the
energy-directed beam device for a future SERPO posting pending some
specific information.
2) Like you, I also noted the two (2) major discrepancies in the
stunning report you have just read. However, I feel that this was
sufficiently addressed in ANONYMOUS' SUPPLEMENTARY
NOTES. Based on what he's stated, the initial raw report was most
certainly "polished" later on for grammar, style, usage and
agreement/consistency of all reported and known facts as laid out in the
"Report of Contact."
3) In the REPORT OF CONTACT, it's noted that two (2), not three (3)
occupants exited the craft and then says three of the four stopped. At
what point did the third and fourth alien occupants exit their alien
craft? As I said, this WAS the initial, RAW REPORT ("rough draft") and
reporting gaps like this were most certainly covered, addressed and
answered when the final SIERRA REPORT was issued.
4) I am ONLY the messenger for this report ... it's up to the UFO
community, professional investigators, authors, and even "armchair" UFO
researchers to determine the validity of this truly amazing -- IF TRUE
-- ET-human encounter in the old Soviet Union over 22 years ago....
The CENTRAL INTELLIGENCE AGENCY was established by President Truman to
coordinate U.S. intelligence and became a a global agency for collecting
and evaluating intelligence and for extending U.S. influence through
covert action.
The CIA was conceived of by Major General William "Wild Bill" Donovan,
director of the Office of Strategic Services [OSS = "Oh, So Social!"].
Jokesters said that because a great number of OSS operatives came from
aristocratic backgrounds and Ivy League universities who had been
recruited by Arnold Wolfers, master of Pierson College.
In 1944, Donovan suggested to President Roosevelt that after WWII, the
United States should create a peacetime, worldwide intelligence service.
On Thursday, September 18, 1947, the Central Intelligence Agency was
A 1949 amendment to the 1947 act permitted the CIA to keep its official
titles and salaries secret, hide its budget, and award contracts to
private firms without bids. The agency was also allowed to award
permanent residency to aliens and their families. This usually meant
giving sanctuary to defectors and foreign agents.
The CIA set up an Office of Special Operations (OSO) to handle covert
action. In June 1948, another NSC (National Security Council) directive
authorized "preventive direct action, including sabotage, anti-sabotage,
demolition and evacuation measures, subversion against hostile states,
including assistance to underground resistance groups...."
During the UFO-Soviet Union incident, the Director of the CIA was
William J Casey, appointed by President Ronald Reagan, and served as the
DCI from January 28, 1981 - January 29, 1987. Serving as the DDCI was
John N McMahon, also appointed by Reagan, and he served from June 10,
1982 - March 29, 1986.
FOOTNOTE: Current Secretary of Defense Robert M Gates, temporarily
served as acting director during Casey's illness from Dec 18, 1986 - May
26, 1987.
SPECIAL GROUP: The Special Group was a senior interdepartmental
organization tasked with overseeing the CIA's high-risk COVERT
operations during the 1950s and early 1960s. Also known as the 5412
Group, the Special Group traced its lineage to the early Operations
Coordinating Board (OCB). The OCB was later renamed the 5412 Group, or
simply the Special Group.
During the administration of President John Kennedy, the Special Group
was known as the 303 Committee -- after a room in the executive office
complex in Washington, D.C. The group was later known respectively as
the 40 Committee and then the Operations Advisory Group. Members of the
Special Group included representatives from the U.S. Dept of State, the
U.S. Dept of Defense, the Joint Chiefs of Staff (JCS), the Oval Office
and the CIA.
OPERATIONS ADVISORY GROUP: During the administration of Richard Nixon,
the 303 Committee became known as the 40 Committee. After the Church
Committee hearings of 1975, and the subsequent establishment of the
Intelligence Oversight Board (IOB), the 40 Committee was renamed the
Operations Advisory Group.
OPERATIONS COORDINATING BOARD: The Operations Coordinating Board or OCB
was the first in a series of senior interdepartmental organizations
tasked with overseeing the CIA's high-risk covert operations. On
September 3, 1953, President Dwight Eisenhower issued Executive Order
(EO) 10483, which created the OCB (EO 10483 also eliminated the
Psychological Strategy Board). On February 19, 1961, President John
Kennedy issued a directive abolishing the OCB. All OCB functions were
rolled into the SPECIAL GROUP.
The CIA's headquarters: Is it in Langley or McLean, VA? Technically, CIA
headquarters is in both. "Langley" is the name of the McLean
neighborhood in which CIA headquarters, also known as the George Bush
Center for Intelligence, is located. The town of McLean was founded in
1910. Before that time, the area where CIA headquarters is located was
known as Langley.
In 1906, a railroad began operating, and the population of Langley and
nearby Lewinsville quickly grew. In 1910, the post offices of these
towns closed, and a new post office, McLean, was opened. In 1959, the
U.S. government broke ground for the CIA headquarters building.
Construction was completed in 1961, adding another chapter to McLean's
long history. Despite the name change in 1910, the name "Langley" is
still used to describe the area.
Security]: It was the Soviet agency responsible for state security from
March 1954 until Oct 1991 -- the eve of the demise of the Soviet Union
in December 1991.
Subsequently, the principal foreign intelligence functions of the KGB
were assigned to the newly established Central Intelligence Service. In
addition, from 1960 to 1966, the KGB was also responsible for the
internal security of the Soviet Union.
The KGB's functions included counterespionage, foreign intelligence
collection and analysis, counterintelligence for the armed forces,
protection of LAND and maritime BORDERS and certain SPECIAL SECURITY
FUNCTIONS, among them the CONTROL OF NUCLEAR WEAPONS, communications for
national leadership, and provision of the Kremlin guards.
The KGB was the world's largest intelligence and police agency, probably
larger than all Western intelligence agencies combined. For most of its
existence, it was responsible for the functions that in the United
States are carried out by the CIA, NSA, FBI, DIA, Marine Corps embassy
guards, military counterintelligence agencies, the U.S Border Patrol,
Coast Guard and the U.S. Secret Service.
During the time of the alien craft landing in January 1985, V M
Chebrikov was the chairman of the KGB from Dec 1982 - Aug 1988.
KGB ORGANIZATION: The basic organization of the KGB in its later years
provided for nine (9) chief directorates:
FIRST Chief Directorate: Foreign intelligence, active measures,
counterintelligence, analysis.
SECOND Chief Directorate: Domestic counterintelligence,
countersubversion, industrial security.
THIRD Chief Directorate: Counterintelligence and countersubversion
within the Soviet armed forces, including the Special Departments
(Osobye Otdely or OO).
FOURTH Chief Directorate: Embassy security and internal security.
FIFTH Chief Directorate: Dissidents.
SIXTH Chief Directorate: Economic, secret, political and transport.
SEVENTH Chief Directorate: Surveillance equipment.
EIGHTH Chief Directorate: Signals Intelligence, communications security.
NINTH Chief Directorate: Protection of national leadership and sensitive
installations, including the Kremlin guards.
During the 1980s, the KGB was estimated to number more than 400,000
personnel, including 230,000 to 250,000 border troops and approximately
50,000 signal and security troops supporting the national and Communist
Party leadership. There were also several hundred thousand KGB informers
within Soviet society, including the government and armed forces.
It has been estimated that between 40% to 60% of Soviet Embassy
officials in Washington, D.C., were attached to the KGB. Officers of the
KGB also served in combat areas, supporting Soviet military and state
interests. From 1954 to 1989, a total of 572 KGB personnel were killed
"rendering military-technical assistance to other countries" --
including Arab countries, North Vietnam and Afghanistan -- and in border
The KGB and its predecessors operated a large education and training
network, with several spy schools to train Soviet and Eastern European
intelligence and security personnel. The training facility at Pushkina,
near Moscow, was used extensively to train Arab terrorists.
Jr, ISBN# 0816046670, $19.95, 282 pp., pp. 180, 213, 258, 260-62.
Allen, ISBN# 0375720251, $21.95, 719 pp., pp. 126-134, 355-358.
By Paul Stonehill (Author), Philip Mantle (Foreword)
List Price: $25.00
Hardcover: 123 pages
Publisher: Diane Pub Co (February 1998)
Language: English
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I feel I need to add a few words about the book. The publishers gave me
only 124 pages to write about Soviet and Russian UFO phenomenon. I was
able to include as much fascinating information as possible; to give
more details and discuss cases and patterns, I would need hundreds of
But this is a great book, and a good introduction to the subject for
those who know little about the secrets of Soviet paranormal phenomena.
There are addresses of Russian and Ukrainian researchers, should you
wish to contact them.
Western readers will learn of such amazing stories as the Ishimba 1953
incident over the taiga; strange account of the Phobos II demise; will
see excerpts from the KGB files; and follow reports of Soviet military
observers who had to report STRANGE OBJECTS IN THE SKY OVER THEIR
NUCLEAR MISSILE SILOS, submarines, secret cosmodromes ... Chernobyl,
Monchegorsk, Dalnegorsk, Tunguska, the World War II sightings, ancient
Russian UFO sightings ... the book covers a lot.
Again, I am proud of my efforts, and am eternally grateful to my
contacts in the former Soviet Union, modern Russia, my country of birth
Ukraine, Uzbekistan, and all others. Whether you buy the book or not is
up to you....
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