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RELEASE 26a - Russian Version of Violent ET Encounter from KGB!
The Russian version differs in many aspects from our American CIA
version,  but I am not surprised. In all of my years in intelligence,
the raw intelligence reports are vastly different than the later
detailed, final Sierra reports. My guess is that the CIA case officers
wrote out the report
in a very rough draft and then sent it on to HQ which is the version we
gave you. 
I'm sure the more detailed report, which I would love to see, has all of
particulars contained in the attached
translation. Or, maybe the CIA case officers who initially reported
the first event did not have any further intel data from their CAC of
the incident beyond the reported activity at the missile site. This
Russian version of the same encounter greatly expands on the series of
events that took place AFTER the Visitors were remanded into KGB
TRANSLATION of E-mail received on August 25, 2007 from KGB officer and
Major IVAN.
I do recall the incident posted on the American e-mail system by this
Victor. But the details are all wrong. 
The incident happened on 11 Jan 1985. On the early morning hours of 11
Jan, radar stations in northern Siberia registered two (2) unknown
flying objects coming into the Soviet Union. The two radar objects
flew at great speeds, and
registered at 2,000 kilometers per hour. 
Soviet Air Defense Systems launched four (4) interceptor airplanes to
identify the radar objects. Strategic Forces Chief of Staff (GURVO)
was notified. It was  
difficult to track these radar objects. They were flying so fast (or
"at great speeds") the interceptors could not catch (or track) the
objects. A Soviet General, who was in charge of air defenses for the
northern sector (Siberia) claimed the objects were missiles because of
the great speeds they were traveling at in our country. 
The General alerted all interior defense sectors (the Soviet Union had a
perimeter of air defense, from the exterior frontier to the
interior). The Interior radar sites could not track the two objects
because they were traveling too fast. Border Guards and the Chief
Directorate sent controlled messages updating GURVO. They would be on
the radar screens for just a few seconds, compared to a regular flying
aircraft that would appear for minutes. 
The General also said the two objects were flying erratically. The
objects were flying from a high altitude to a lower altitude within just
a few seconds. No normal airplane could fly like that. This worried
many Soviet Command Staff
personnel. Soviet radar lost track of the
two objects in the central part of the country. A brief radar contact
was observed north of Bratsk.
Sometime around noon on 11 Jan, Soviet Internal Police reported
residents of Zhmurova reported a strange object in a collective (farm)
field. Police arrived in Zhmurova from Cheremkhova and Kyuta. Two
police officers drove to the object. They observed a second object
flying directly above the ground object. The police officers tried to
radio their command center in Cheremkhova, but their radio did not work.
The police officers did not see any occupants from the object. The
police officers drove away and their radio was functional. About 15
minutes later, the object flew away from Zhmurova. The police officers
notified the Soviet Military Base in Cheremkhova and warned them of the
two objects flying east. A military helicopter flew from Cheremkhova
west towards Zhmurova. 
The two pilots later reported seeing the two flying unknown
(unidentified) objects east at a higher altitude and at a great
speed. The objects flew directly towards a missile site. Soviet
Military Command Central notified the missile base and warned them of
the intruding flying objects. GUCOS (ICBM Chief Directorate Chief) was
sent an urgent controlled message.
The missile base went on high alert ("priority alert" in
Russian). Military guards watched the two objects approach the missile
base. One of the objects flew very low over the base.
Military guards fired antiaircraft guns at the approaching object. The
bullets (SHELLS) struck the enemy object, but was ABSORBED or PASSED
DIRECTLY through the object. The craft glowed a BLUISH-GREEN COLOR and
then landed. Military guards surrounded the object. Personnel from
the SECOND Chief Directorate in conjunction with  GRU-MRVD, responded.
The object opened a door and a bright light appeared in the doorway.
Five (5) occupants walked out of this light and onto the ground.
Military guards ordered the occupants to lie down. The order was given
in Russian. The five (5) occupants did nothing and stood
together. One
of the military commanders gave instructions in English, but the
occupants still did nothing. One of the occupants walked towards the
military guards. One military guard fired a rifle and hit the occupant
in the chest. The occupant fell to the ground. The other
four (4) occupants walked to the fallen occupant and just sat on the
Military guards surrounded the five (5)  occupants and pushed them, with
their rifles in a gesture towards a military vehicle. The four
occupants carried their
fallen comrade to the military vehicle. The occupants were driven to a
detainment facility (confinement facility) in Cheremkhova
briefly. They were transferred to a bigger vehicle and
taken to a military compound in Irkutsk. The Military
Intelligence/Interrogation building within the Irkutsk Military Command
Central was used. 
Military officials attempted to interrogate the four (4)
occupants. Many different languages were used: English, Spanish,
German, but the occupants never acknowledged any language. The injured
received first aid by a Soviet Military Doctor. The doctor told the
commander in charge that THE INJURED OCCUPANT WAS NOT HUMAN.
The injured occupant's blood was
thick white fluid. The internal organs of the occupant was different
than humans.  The occupants were radiographed (X-rayed). The occupants
were described as being approximately 1.2 meters in height and weighed
approximately 100 kilograms. The occupants had no ears, no thumbs,
small horizontal openings for mouths and no hair. The occupants were
wearing identical one-piece flying suits, gray in color. 
Suddenly (eventually), the injured occupant stood up and walked to the
other occupants. The injured occupant seemed HEALED. The occupants
had no weapons or other equipment on their persons (bodies). GRU
officials arrived and took over the interrogation. 
One KGB official was on scene with the GRU. Commander, GRU-CMRD
received a controlled urgent message updating the status of the
occupants and craft. Military officials examined the
occupants' craft. It appeared the craft was not made from any
technology known to the military officials examining the craft. The
interior of the craft was very small. Only small Soviet military
officials could enter. NO instrument panels or navigation controls
were observed. There was one (1) DISPLAY PANEL which appeared to be
The occupants were transferred from Irkutsk by a Soviet military plane
to Moscow. The occupants' craft was loaded onto a large truck and
driven to Irkutsk. The occupants arrived in a location south of Moscow
and detained inside a confinement center. They were given water and
food (Russian black bread and
soup). The occupants did not eat or drink. 
Several interrogation sessions occurred with the occupants by KGB and
Soviet Military Linguists from the SECOND Chief Directorate, and the KGB
language school were present, but the occupants never spoke nor
On 14 Jan 85, in the early morning hours, the five (5) occupants escaped
from their confinement rooms (cells). A large search was initiated,
but the five occupants were not found. The captured craft was stored
in a hanger at a military base. On 14 Jan 85, the craft flew out of the
hanger, destroying the hanger door with a BLUISH BEAM OF LIGHT. This was
the ending [end] of the incident.
This incident became very secretive within the KGB/GRU. Many senior
officials within the Kremlin were worried. But it seemed that the
Kremlin knew something about these crafts. Senior officials were not
surprised, but only concerned about the (successful) penetration into
the country. GUCOS and GURVO updated reporting procedures and debriefed
I have not thought of this incident in many, many years. I wish I could
go to the Kremlin today and look up the documents. But I am retired, and
I cannot have access. Please make your American friends know the TRUTH.
The CIA was wrong ... THEIR SPIES LIED. But what
worries me is that the CIA had spies
within our Soviet military that we NEVER caught.
MODERATOR's CLOSING NOTE: Our CIA would have NO reason to "lie" about
the number of alien craft nor the number of alien beings during this
incident. Due to the number of translation problems we encountered,
"lie" in this case may be more like a "discrepancy."
Here are some highly relevant passages from four (4) classic UFO books
that EVERYone should be familiar with.
For those FEW of you (I hope!) who have NOT read Phil Corso's landmark
1997 book, THE DAY AFTER ROSWELL, I strongly recommend that you do so at
your earliest convenience as it'll provide a wealth of background
information and what in education is called "prior knowledge" as a
Here are some choice, relevant excerpts from Corso's book:
Then there was the strangest device of all, a headband, almost with
electrical-signal pickup devices on either side. These eyewitness
reports suggested to me that the sensors stimulated different parts of
the brain while at the same time exchanged information with the brain.
Again, using the analogy of an EEG, these devices were a very
sophisticated mechanism for translating the electrical impulses inside
the creatures' brains into specific commands. Perhaps these headband
devices comprised the pilot interface of the ship's navigational and
propulsion system.
At first, I didn't know, but it was only when we began development of
the long brain-wave research project toward the end of my tenure at the
Pentagon that I realized just what we had and how it might be developed.
It took a long time to harvest this technology, but 50 years after
Roswell, versions of these devices eventually became a component of the
navigational control system for some of the army's most sophisticated
helicopters and will soon be on the American consumer electronics market
as user-input devices for personal computer games [they are today 60
years later].
The first Army Air Force analysts and engineers both at the 509th and at
Wright Field were also bedeviled by the lack of any traditional controls
and propulsion system in the crashed vehicle. Looking at their reports
and the artifacts from the perspective of 1961, however, I imagined that
the keys to understanding what made the craft go and directed its flight
lay not only with the craft itself, but in the RELATIONSHIP BETWEEN THE
If we hypothesized a brain-wave guidance system that was as specific to
the pilots' electronic signature as it was to the spacecraft's, then we
were looking at an entirely revolutionary concept of guided flight in
which THE PILOT WAS THE SYSTEM. Imagine transportation devices in which
the key to the ignition is a digitized code derived from your
electroencephalographic signature and is read automatically upon your
donning some sort of sensorized headband.
The engineers who first discovered this were amazed at the pure
conductivity of these skins, functionally like the skin of the craft
itself, and their obvious ability to protect the wearer while at the
same time vectoring some kind of electronic field. Where was the
physical junction of the circuit between the pilot and the ship? Was it
turned on and off somehow by the pilot himself through a switch we
didn't know about?
Alongside the riddle of the apparent absence of navigational controls, I
listed the sensorized headband that so intrigued the officers at
Roswell's Walker Field and fascinated me as well. If, as we all
suspected, this device picked up the electronic signatures from the
creatures' oversized brains, what did it do with them?
I believed that these headbands translated the brain's electronic
signals into system commands that controlled speed, direction and
elevation. Maybe the headbands had to be calibrated or tuned to each
individual pilot, or maybe the pilots had to be calibrated to the
headband. Either way, the headbands were the interface between the pilot
and the ship. But that still didn't resolve the question of the lack of
cables, gears or wires.
Maybe the answer lay NOT in the lack of structural controls, but in the
way the suit, the headband, the creatures' brains and the entire craft
worked together. In other words, when I looked at the possible function
of the entire system, the synchronicity between the brain interface in
the headband, the pure conductivity of the spacecraft, and the elongated
structure of the space skins, which also acted like a circuit, I could
see how directional instructions could have been translated by the
headbands into some form of current flowing through the skins and into
the series of RAISED DECK PANELS where there were INDENTATIONS FOR THE
The INDENTATIONS on these PANELS, as the Roswell field reports described
them, LOOKED LIKE THE HANDPRINTS  pressed into the concrete at the old
Grauman's Chinese Theater in Hollywood.
NOTE: KGB major wrote: "Small hand INDENTATIONS were located on the
display PANELS."
Were the directional commands a series of electronic instructions
transmitted directly from the creatures' brains along their bodies and
through the panels into the ship itself as if the ship were only an
extension of the creature's body? For that to have been the case,
something was still missing. The engine.
What if the craft itself were the engine, imparted with a steady current
from another source that it stored as if it were a giant capacitor? I
suspected the Roswell craft was simply a capacitor that stored current
that was controlled or vectored by the pilot and was able to be
recharged in some way or could recharge itself with some form of
built-in generator.
That's the way I believed the spacecraft was navigated, by DIRECT
signals were interpreted and transmitted by the headband devices, which
served as interfaces [and perhaps used the "SMALL HAND INDENTATIONS"
described by the the KGB major on the ship's PANEL to interface with the
If the Soviets had gotten their hands on some of the apparatus from any
one of the alien spacecraft that had gone down since 1947 -- and I
didn't know how many there were -- they'd have figured out by now that
the aliens had used some form of brain-wave control for navigation. How
they directed their thoughts or translated them into an electronic
circuit, we didn't know.
But we knew that there were no steering wheels or conventional methods
of control on the spacecraft, and the headbands we found with the
electronic sensors on them were designed to pick up some form of signal
from the brain. The analysts at Wright Field believed that the sensors
on the headbands corresponded with points on the multilobed alien brain
that generated low-frequency waves, so the headbands formed an integral
part of the circuit.
There were no conventional technological explanations for the way the
Roswell craft's propulsion system operated. There were no atomic
engines, no rockets, no jets, nor any propeller-driven form of thrust.
The craft was able to displace gravity through the propagation of
magnetic wave, controlled by shifting the magnetic poles around the
craft so as to control, or vector, not a propulsion system, but the
REPULSION FORCE of like charges.
Once they realized this, engineers at our country's primary defense
contractors raced among themselves to figure out how the craft could
retain its electric capacity and how the pilots who navigated it could
live within the energy field of a wave.
The initial revelations into the nature of the spacecraft and its pilot
interface came very quickly during the first few years of testing at
Norton AFB. The air force discovered that the entire vehicle functioned
just like a giant capacitor. In other words, the craft itself stored the
energy necessary to propagate the magnetic wave that elevated it,
allowed it to achieve escape velocity from the earth's gravity, and
enabled it to achieve speeds of over 7,000 mph.
The pilots weren't affected by the tremendous g-forces that build up in
the acceleration of conventional aircraft because to aliens inside, it
was as if gravity was being folded around the outside of the wave that
enveloped the craft. Maybe it was like traveling inside the eye of a
hurricane. But how did the pilots interface with the wave form they were
The secret to this system could be found in the single-piece skin-tight
coveralls spun around the creatures. The lengthwise atomic alignment of
the strange fabric was a clue that somehow the pilots became part of the
electrical storage and generation of the craft itself.
They didn't just pilot or navigate the vehicle ... they became part of
the electrical circuitry of the vehicle, vectoring it in a way similar
to the way you order a voluntary muscle to move. The vehicle was simply
an extension of their own bodies because it was tied into their
neurological systems in ways that even today we are just beginning to
So the creatures were able to survive extended periods living inside a
high-energy wave by becoming the primary circuit in the control of the
wave. They were protected by their suits, which enclosed them head to
literally part of the wave.
In 1947, this was a technology so new to us that it was as frightening
as it was frustrating. If we could only develop the power source
necessary to generate a consistently well-defined magnetic wave around a
vehicle, we could harness a technology by which we would have surpassed
all forms of rocket and jet propulsion. It's a process we're still
trying to master today, 50 years [60 years now] after the craft fell
into our possession.
And from Timothy Good's book, ALIEN LIAISON:
In response to a question on UFOs from a group of workers in the Urals
in early 1990, President Mikhail Gorbachev stated that "the phenomenon
of UFOs DOES exist, and it must be treated SERIOUSLY."
Times have certainly changed, but the Committee for State Security (KGB)
still maintains firm control over the dissemination of information on
the subject, principally through its THIRD Chief Directorate, which
deals with military counterintelligence [See "Project SERPO" POSTING #26
section, "The KGB of The Soviet Union."]
During a screening of the film "E.T." at the White House in the summer
of 1982, President Reagan is reported to have whispered to producer
Steven Spielberg: "There are probably only six (6) people in this room
who know how TRUE this is."
In addition, Reagan has publicly stated
on at least three (3) occasions that a threat from outer space would
have a unifying effect on the world's nations, and he has raised the
matter with both President Gorbachev and Edvard Shevardnadze, the former
Soviet Foreign Minister.
Some years ago, Bill Moore [UFO researcher/author] learned of the
existence of a SPECIAL INTEREST GROUP within the DIA [Defense
Intelligence Agency] which comprised two (2) distinct branches feeding
data to "Project AQUARIUS" which was supervised by the DIA's Directorate
for Management and Operations.
One was lodged at the DIA's imagery division (DC5C) and operated from
the Melpar Building in Falls Church, VA, with an additional presence at
the Digital Imagery Processing Service (DIPS) in the Naval Intelligence
Support Center (NISC), Suitland, MD.
"The group oversaw a small 'black' budget appropriation and need-to-know
access was maintained by probably NOT MORE THAN A DOZEN INDIVIDUALS at
any given time," Bill reports.
"Over a space of several years, I only ever heard three (3) names of
people reportedly associated with it. I have been led to understand
since then that the group, now referred to as a 'working committee'
underwent something of a reorganization in the latter part of 1986, and
as far as I know, it continues to function. One of the results of that
reorganization was the establishment of a computerized database and
communications net known, curiously enough, as 'MJ-SETI.' "
MODERATOR's NOTE: This group from the Defense Intelligence Agency
continues its work today under ANONYMOUS and the "DIA-6" comprised of
former and current, active members of the DIA with full access to the
"Briefing Control Access Roster." I have been asked NOT disclose its
official name as it is actually known in government circles.
Another visit was to a bunker-like building north of Houston, where Bob
Oechsler learned how to operate a peculiar PANEL that he believes must
have come from an alien craft.
"It had a series of vertical cylinders made of MULTICOLORED LIGHTS that
terminated in a hood about 4 feet above the panel. When one inserts a
HAND to break the beam, and then raises or lowers a hand, a comparable
action takes place with what appears to be some kind of clear-looking
cylinder that resides in the base of the CONSOLE corresponding to each
beam. It was some kind of CONTROL PANEL -- that was all I learned. I
think it was being considered for use in the UFO exhibit area of Cosmic
NOTE: "The small hand indentations ... on the display panels" in the KGB
major's report.
And now from another Timothy Good book, ALIEN BASE:
The following evening, [Howard] Menger was taken on board one of the
spacecraft for the first time; a short hop from one of the landing sites
to another. Just before entering the craft, one of the spacemen pointed
an instrument at Menger and a BLUISH BEAM OF LIGHT struck his head,
producing a rather pleasant tingling sensation.
"We projected the beam on you to condition and process your body quickly
so you could enter the craft," Menger was told. "What actually happened
was that the beam changed your body frequency to equal that of the
craft. Thus you felt entirely comfortable inside the craft and suffered
no ill effects."
We stepped into a large circular room. In the center of it was an
ample-sized round table made of translucent material. Under the
table-top, pulsating lights of many colors moved. The dowel-shaped stem
supporting the table was set in what appeared to be a huge magnifying
glass, itself set into the floor. Approximately one third of the
circular room was devoted to INSTRUMENT PANELS containing many colored
lights blinking on and off. In front of the control board was a frame
containing what I guessed was some kind of VIEWING SCREEN.
"The HULL has a field about it which REPELS all other matter
[shells/bullets fired at it]. Your physicists would describe the force
involved as the "anti" particle of the binding energy of the atom. When
certain elements such as platinum are properly prepared and treated with
a saturation exposure to a beam of very high-energy photons, the
anti-binding energy particle will be generated outside of the nucleus.
Since these particles tend to REPEL each other, as well as all other
matter, they like the electron tend to migrate to the surface of the
metal where they manifest as a REPELLENT FORCE. Perhaps you noticed that
the HULL seemed unusually smooth and slippery. That is because your
short distance from it by the REPULSION of the field.
We use the FIELD TO PROTECT THE HULL from being scratched or damaged [or
attacked] during landings. It also lowers air friction greatly when it
becomes necessary to travel at high speed through any atmosphere. The
field produces an almost perfect laminar flow of air or any gas about
the craft, and little heat is generated or transmitted to the hull."
And lastly, from yet another of Timothy Good's fine books, BEYOND TOP
Each of the rooms that was occupied had INSTRUMENT PANELS on the walls,
with the [alien] crew members concentrating on the instruments. Some
rooms had four or five instruments, others had 15 or 20, but they were
of a similar type in each room. They were NOTHING LIKE OURS. There were
no screens, such as our oscilloscopes. They had meters, but I could not
see dials on them. He said they lit up only when in use.
Sid Padrick was shown an oblong lens, which he took to be part of a
VIEWING SYSTEM, with a magnified three-dimensional effect. He [the
alien] told me that the power source [of the craft he was in] was
transferred to them from the other craft, and that it did all of the
navigation and manipulation through space. He told me they don't measure
time and distance as we know it, but rather in terms of light. When I
asked him how fast they travelled through space, he answered that their
speed was limited only by the speed at which they could transfer their
energy source.
According to Otto Krause, there were no survivors from the craft which
crashed near Aztec. "All the bodies inside were dead," Alfred told me.
"The one at Aztec is the one they gained the technology from...."
Further information on what seems almost certainly to have been the
Aztec crash has been provided by a former military officer to the
reliable researcher, Chuck Oldham. While stationed at a certain base,
the officer's special security clearance enabled him to gain ACCESS TO A
RESTRICTED LIBRARY, where he studied a file describing the retrieval of
an alien craft and its dead occupants.
The aliens found inside were described as beings like us, but smaller.
Two of the bodies were badly charred, though the clothing -- 1-piece
flight suits woven with a type of fabric with a tensile strength of 800
lb/inē -- was unaffected.
No reference to the craft's propulsion system was made in the report
other than that technology utilizing MAGNETIC or GRAVITATIONAL FIELDS
was involved.
"They use the natural magnetic lines of a planet and a gravity field to
move their ships from one place to another," the officer explained to
Chuck Oldham. "That's how they are able to MAKE NEAR RIGHT-ANGLE TURNS."
It was speculated that the aliens were able to cross greater distances
of space within a much shorter time than we thought possible. The report
further speculated that this craft (and others) had come to grief due to
"magnetic faults" located in the areas where the crashes had occurred.
I believe that Man's progress on planet Earth has been monitored by
beings whose technological and mental resources make ours look primitive
and theirs "supernatural" by comparison. The fact that some of the
visitors are similar to us physiologically suggests that we share a
genetic link. Could it be that some of them have had a hand in our
Now that our technology has reached the stage where we are endangering
the planet and expanding our exploration of space, [UFO] surveillance
has intensified.
Is it mere coincidence that the modern wave of sightings began during
the  Second World War as we began developing nuclear weapons and
rockets? Is it also coincidental that UFOs have exhibited so much
interest in our NUCLEAR MISSILE SITES and have demonstrated their
ability to paralyze launching systems?
Until we wake up to the fact that information of quite unprecedented and
profound significance is being withheld from us, we shall continue to
remain in ignorance....
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