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Posting Three by Anonymous (7 November, 2005)

Statistics on the Eben planet was collected by our team. Here is the pertinent data for your UFO thread list:

Diameter: 7,218 miles
Mass: 5.06 x 10 24
Distance from Sun #1: 96.5 million miles
Sun #2: 91.4 million miles
Moons: 2
Surface gravity: 9.60m/s 2
Rotation Periods: 43 hours
Orbit: 865 days
Tilt: 43 degrees
Temperature: Min: 43° / Max: 126°
Distance from Earth: 38.43 light years
Planet named by Team: SERPO
Nearest planet to SERPO: Named: OTTO
88 million miles (colonized by Ebens with research base, but no natural inhabitants on planet)
Number of planets in Eben Solar System: Six
Nearest inhabited planet to SERPO:

Named: SILUS (SILUS is made up of creatures of various types, but no intelligent life forms. Ebens use the planet to mine minerals.)
Distance: 434 million miles

We did have visitors from nine other star systems.

The Grays, which some people characterize as being like the Ebens, were not. They came from a planet near Alpha Centauri A.

[ALPHA CENTAURI is a nearby multiple star with a magnitude of -0.3 and is the third brightest star in the sky. It consists of two yellow and orange stars of magnitudes 0.0 and 1.4. There is also a much fainter third star, an 11th magnitude red dwarf called Proxima Centauri. This is the closest to our Sun, 4.2 light years away or about 0.2 light years closer to us than the two brighter members of the Alpha Centauri system.]

The third class of visitors came from a G2 star system in Leo.

[LEO or LEO MINOR? LEO: Star distances range from 20-25 - 77 light years away. Notable interest is Gamma Leonis which is a glorious double star consisting of two golden orange giants of magnitudes 2.4 and 3.5. They are a genuine binary pair orbiting each other every 600 years or so.
LEO MINOR: Squeezed between Leo and Ursa Major with its brightest star Beta Leonis Minoris that has a magnitude of 4.2. It is a close double star which are 145 light years away with an orbital period of 37 years.]

Another class of visitors came from a G2 star system in Epsilon Eridani.

[EPSILON ERIDANI is one of the closest naked-eye stars to our Sun. It is 10.5 light years way with a magnitude of 3.7. Although somewhat cooler and fainter than the Sun, it is otherwise similar.]

The visitors were classified by a code. The code, which was classified in itself, was, "Extraterrestrial Entities" (ETE). ETE-2 were the Ebens, the Grays were ETE-3, and so on.

The "Red Book" lists nine different visitors. We determined recently that some of the visitors were the same type of race but a "mechanical lifeform." They were hybrid beings that were created in a laboratory rather than by natural birth.

The creatures were more like robots, although they were intelligent and could make decisions. They might be the "hostile" visitors that some people report.

To the best of my knowledge, we have NOT had any visitation since 1985 from the Ebens.