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Posting Four by Anonymous (9 November, 2005)

Thanks for forwarding my information to your e-mail stream list without ID'ing me. I realize it might be a little difficult for you to keep my name confidential with the mounting pressure enormous, but I don't wish to reveal it at this time; perhaps to Richard C Doty in due time as his questions and online demeanor seems to be the most fair, open minded, and his questions posed were the most reasonable as I monitor the online feedback after each new posting.

I also realize your list of quizzical people have numerous probing questions. I'll try to answer them, but you must understand that all of this information is contained in a huge voluminous book. There are literally hundreds of pages of scientific calculations trying to understand Serpo, the orbit, etc. I could not possibly relate all of that information via e-mail.

Our scientists had the same questions, as posed by your audience. Our scientists questioned our team members and the information they gathered. Our scientists could not understand how the orbit of Serpo could revolve around the two suns at the distance measured.

In the end, our scientists found that some things relating to that particular system was different in physics compared to our system. There were some questions about how our team measured the orbit and other calculations based on the lack of a stable time base. For some reason - and I don't think this was ever determined - our time instruments did not work on Serpo.

Now, considering this, you can understand the difficult job our team members had making calculations without time. They had to come up with an alternate method to measure speeds, orbits, etc.

Challenge: Try solving a problem in physics without being able to measure time on Earth!

So you see, our team did the best they could with the instruments they had and the hardships they developed attempting scientific calculations. It is difficult for any Earth-based scientist to understand the different physics in other solar systems or on other planets.

One of the questions sent me involved Kepler's Law of Planetary Motion. Our team had that information. We had some of the best military scientists on the team. But if you consider Kepler's Law, it requires time and our team could only measure time in the conventional way. It was determined that Kepler's Laws did not apply to that solar system.

MODERATOR's COMMENT: (Victor Martinez)
[Johannes Kepler was a German astronomer and mathematician, 1571-1630. Kepler's discovery of Mars' elliptical orbit led to the publication in 1609 of three laws of planetary motion.
1) First law: States that a planet moves on an elliptical path with the sun at one focus point.
2) Second law: States that a planet moves faster when closer to the sun and slower when farther away.
3) Third law: Makes it possible to calculate a planet's relative distance from the Sun. Specifically, the law states that the cube of a planet's average distance from the Sun is equal to the square of the time it takes that planet to complete its orbit.]

CONCLUSION: One of the things our Earth-based scientists learned was not to apply Earth's laws of physics in a universal way.

Serpo was estimated to be about three billion years old. The two suns were about five billion years old, but only by estimation.

The Eben civilization was estimated to be about 10,000 years old. They evolved from another planet, not on Serpo. The original home planet of the Ebens was threatened with extreme volcanic activity. The Ebens had to relocate to Serpo in order to protect their civilization. This occurred some 5,000 years ago.

The Ebens had a great interplanetary battle with another race about 3,000 years ago. The Ebens lost many thousands in their battle. The Ebens completely eliminated all of their enemies. The Ebens have never fought another war since. The Ebens have been space travelers for the past 2,000 years. The Ebens first visited Earth about 2,000 years ago.

Why does the Eben population number only about 650,000? The Ebens have a very stable, structured civilization. Each male has a mate. They are allowed to reproduce (in somewhat the same sexual way we do), but are limited to only a specific number of children. Our team never saw a family with more than two children.

The Eben civilization was so structured that they planned the birth of each and every child, spacing them apart to allow the proper social grouping of the civilization. Eben children matured at a super rate, compared to Earth children. Our team watched live births, attended to by an Eben doctor, and then watched the development of the child over a period of time, team member's time. They matured at an alarming rate.

The Ebens had scientists, doctors and technicians. There was one educational facility on the planet. If one was chosen, you attended the facility and learned the job one was best qualified and suited for. Although it was extremely difficult to judge or measure, the team estimated each Eben's IQ to be 165.

The Ebens had no single ruler. There was a "Council of Governors," which the team named. This group controlled every single action on the planet. The members of the council seemed to have been around for a long time. Since Ebens didn't age - or at least our team couldn't detect aging - it was difficult to judge the age of each member.

There were about 100 different villages or living locations for the Ebens. The Ebens only used a small portion of their planet. They did mine minerals in remote areas of the planet and had a large industrial plant in the southern portion of the planet near a body of water. Our team determined this plant had some sort of hydroelectrical operation.

The Ebens developed a different type of electrical and propulsion system. It was unknown to our team and I don't think we ever really understood it. They were able to tap into a vacuum and bring back an enormous amount of energy from that vacuum.

Our team's living quarters, which consisted of several small buildings, contained electricity powered by a small box. This small box supplied all the power our team needed. Ironically, the electrical equipment our team brought on the trip worked using their power source only.

Ebens did die. Our team members saw deaths, some from accidents and some from natural causes. The Ebens buried the bodies, similar to our method. Our team saw two air accidents involving their intra-planet flying vehicle.

The Ebens worshipped a Supreme Being. It appeared to be some sort of diety relating to the Universe. They conducted daily services, normally at the end of the first work period. They had a building or church they entered to worship.

Our team left Earth in a large Eben spacecraft and flew to Serpo in approximately nine months by our team's measurement of time. Upon our team's return, they traveled on a newer Eben craft. The time, estimated by our team for the return, was seven months.

Project Aquarius briefing document
(TS/ORCON) - Most governmental documents pertaining to UFO sightings, incidents and governmental policies, including "Project Blue Book," have been released to the public under FOIA or under various other release programs.
MJ-12 felt the remaining documents and information (not relating to "Project Aquarius" relating to technological facts regarding alien medical matters, the fact that an alien was captured alive and survived three years under secrecy, cannot be released to the public for fear the information would be obtained by SHIS. There was other information obtained from EBE that was deemed sensitive and not releasable to the public.
Notably, "Project Aquarius," Volume IX, which pertains to tracing the alien's first visitation of Earth back some 5,000 years. EBE reported that 2,000 years ago, his ancestors planted a human creature on earth to assist the inhabitants of Earth in developing a civilization. This information was only vague and the exact identity or background information on this homo-sapien was not obtained.
Undoubtedly, if this information was released to the public, it would cause a worldwide panic. MJ-3 has developed a plan that will allow release of Project Aquarius, Volumes I - III.
The release program calls for a gradual release of information over a period of time in order to condition the public for future disclosures. Attachment 5 of this briefing contains certain guidelines for future public releases.]

Comment (by Paul McGovern):

Sometimes the truth is hard to understand, especially by closed minded people.

Please read Einstein's statement made to a German scientific society on May 11, 1934.  I won't actually quote him, but he said the dumbest people in the world are the scientists who keep their minds closed to new ideas.

You are trying to base our scientific understandings on another world.  We found a long time ago that that type of thinking blocked
progress.  We could never have understood the visitor's gifts if we had people like some trying to figure it out.  We had open minded scientists who were able to think beyond the realm of Earth-based science. 

I'm no scientist, but I know enough to keep an open mind.  I cannot vouch for Victor's source's statistics, but I know he must be speaking from knowledge because it is the same knowledge I read years ago.

Just keep an open mind, people.  Once you close that mind, you are lost in your own misguided thoughts....

The complete debriefing accounts for about three thousand pages.